The market’s most reliable pigeon clock

Delivering all the excitement and power of pigeon racing in a simple and compact hand-held clocking device.

Rubberised keys, a large LED display and an easy-to navigate system all work to create an unrivalled user experience – with a level of accuracy that comes from our years of development and knowledge of the pigeon racing market.

Our reliable and cost-effective BENZING M1 is backed by 150 years of precision technology, and will remain a leading player in the world of pigeon sports.


Easy admin

Management of up to 1,000 pigeons and 4 fanciers

Simple user guidance and set-up

Our easy menu guidance system allows you to spend less time tackling the technology, and more time enjoying the thrills of pigeon racing

Online Results

Enjoy high-speed connection to BENZING Live Smart Hub and see your realtime results on the website

Antenna and ring testing

Fanciers can easily test all antennas themselves. This is possible even up to the direct arrival of the pigeons with an integrated antenna test function

Pigeon velocity on display

A special feature of the BENZING M1 is its ‘countdown’ display of pigeon velocity – maximising the excitement for the fancier when their pigeon’s velocity approaches the expected value

USB transfer of pigeon data to a home computer

Our USB interface connects to a PC to read out the last race and training flights with the printer manager. This data can be processed on the PC or printed out

See our videos related to BENZING M1

Connecting the SPEED antennas to the BENZING M1 system is simple

Up to three 12 field SPEED/SPEED² antennas or six 8 field SPEED/SPEED² antennas can be connected to the BENZING M1 system without an additional power supply.


Large display for clear legibility

See even more race and training information at a glance with our large and clear display screen

High performance race technology

The BENZING M1’s electronic system features a 32-bit processor with 16 Mbytes of RAM. This high computing power enables a much faster, more reliable processing of arrivals. The BENZING M1 is also ready to meet all future requirements of the race associations

Up to 64 SPEED/SPEED² antennas can be connected

Improved recognition of all connected antennas with a rapid turbo start

Easy software updates

The software in the BENZING M1 can be easily updated by fanciers themselves

Up to 80 flights possible at the same time

Enjoy a greater capacity for simultaneous flight monitoring

Links to BENZING Live Smart Hub

The BENZING M1 links to our exciting new live race transmissions through the BENZING Live Smart Hub online platform

Do you want to see your results LIVE and ONLINE?

Get started with our BENZING Live SMART HUB. Our simply hardware connects to the clock, with result viewable on the app. Compatible with the BENZING M3, M2, M1, G2+ and the Clubsystem.

All new updates are instantly added to your app in real time.