The security of a second clock

The BENZING Station is the ideal completion to the BENZING M1, and a must for all fanciers if they would like to get the most out of their clocking system. It offers a variety of functions and combines clubPOINT and INN all in just one unit.

  • Easy to handle thanks Plug & Play
  • Continuous clocking without the BENZING M1 clock
  • Additional storage (backup) of all flight data


Easy to handle

Just put the BENZING M1 clock into the BENZING Station, everything else thereafter is completely automatic. No more hassle!

Extra-large display for clear legibility

Even if the BENZING M1 is not in the BENZING Station, the timing and recording of the arrival data of all pigeons will continue. You will never miss a single pigeon again.

Additional storage (backup) of all flight data

The BENZING Station offers the security of a second clock. In addition, all arrival data is stored and encrypted. In the event that the BENZING M1 clock fails all of the data is will still be available the BENZING Station. Thus, combining BENZING M1 and BENZING Station provides double security, as a result of all the data is being stored doubly.

Online Printing

Common printers (matrix, laser) can be connected to the parallel port for conveniently printing out the flight data at home. This can also be done “online”. Each arriving pigeon automatically triggers one respective line to be printed out.

SMS messaging via mobile phones

As the RS232 interface allows standard mobile phones and modems to be connected to the BENZING Station, and the arrival data to be transferred online, you will be kept informed of the latest arrival times even while away.

Compatibility with existing equipment

The BENZING Station provides for the connections of all your existing antennae.

Highly-audible sound signals

A high-performing integrated speaker ensures that the timing will be heard loud enough even from long distances away.

High security

As in all BENZING products, the utmost importance to is placed on the data security of the BENZING Station. All of the security relevant data is encrypted and safeguarded against unauthorised access.

How to connect


  • 1x DB9(F) for PLB antennas
  • 1x PMDIN socket for older antennas
  • 1x DB25(F) parallel printer interface
  • 1x DB9(M) to connect PC or SMS modem
  • 1x power connection