Taking speed, reliability and safety to a great level


  • High Speed Reading Capability
  • Optimized for OLR
  • The antennas can be placed side by side without SNN loftPOINT
  • NEW water resistant plugs available

With the debut of the Speed Antenna, we thought we’d already created our technology masterpiece, but our latest hardware development has just taken our tech to a whole new level.

In addition to their existing market-beating features, the 8-field and 12-field Speed² antennas can now be placed side-by-side without the need for an SNN Loftpoint (please note, for hybrid operation with Speed or PLB antennas you will need a new loftPOINT SNN²).

An LED on the housing cover signals the function of each individual antenna fields during antenna testing. And our Speed² antennas come with water-resistant plugs to considerably reduce the risk of water damage to the electrics.

For One Loft Races, antenna capacity has now almost doubled thanks to Speed² –  taking the maximum number of antenna from 64 up to 120.

This antenna is unbeatably safe and fast!

Its special design of overlapping antenna fields guarantees the highest level of clocking reliability over the entire surface of the antenna.

The BENZING Speed² also offers a new type of range testing for the chip rings, using LED signals and individual functional tests for each antenna field.

This ‘double clocking’ system for racing pigeons means double the safety effect, leaving no room for error.

With the BENZING Speed² you’ll find all the high quality functions of our previous BENZING antennas, combined with newer advanced modules that boost safety and speed, while reducing impact on the environment.


NEW! SPEED² antennas can be placed side by side without loftPOINT SNN

Optimised reading distance for the new BENZING Pro² chip rings

High-speed reading capability over the entire surface with no dead zones

Chip range test with LED

Enables 12 overlapping fields in 2 rows or 8 overlapping fields in 2 rows

Flat, slimline design with a 2.7 cm height

Unbeatable safety and speed

Optimised for One Loft Races


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The new BENZING Speed² antenna convinces by the entire set of functionalities of the previous BENZING antennas, improved by additional modules in the areas of safety, protection of the environment and speed.

With its special design and overlapping antenna fields, BENZING guarantees the highest level of clocking reliability over the entire antenna surface. In addition, the new Speed² offers a new range testing of the chip rings, indicated by LED signals and a separate functional test of every single antenna field. The double clocking of the pigeons leads to a double safety effect, totally eliminating dysfunctions.

How to connect your antennas?

Up to three 12 field SPEED² Antennas or six 8 field SPEED² Antennas can be connected to the BENZING M3 system without an additional power supply.

The system can be extended to a maximum of 64 SPEED² or G2 Antennas at any time using the power adapter.


New water resistant plugs for the antennas

Up to 120 SPEED² antennas in OLR mode

Double security – pigeons are timed twice

Power consumption is reduced by 50%

Splash water resistant

3.2 meter connection cable included