The ultimate security solution
for pigeon club racing

Managing all the tasks within your club has become even simpler and more enjoyable!

The BENZING ClubSystem offers the reliability and user-friendliness of our BENZING technology, combined with the benefits of enhanced safety and security.


Live Basketing

Club Evaluation

Easy printing with USB printer

Easy handling

The BENZING ClubSystem offers a big display of date and time in large letters and numbers, for easy reading and clock comparison.

Accessible connections

All connections on the BENZING ClubSystem are positioned to be easily accessible for the user. The PMDIN connections are located on the side of the unit, which facilitates easy connection and disconnection. The universal protocol allows for connections with 3rd party systems.

Rapid reading/writing of the chip rings

The BENZING ClubSystem comes with a new type of RFID unit for improved reading and writing of electronic chip rings. The same technology is used in the SPEED antenna, therefore increasing the reading range and the speed to basket of pigeons.

Powerful acoustic signals

A powerful loudspeaker integrates into the new ClubSystem to clearly signal race actions. The volume can easily be adjusted with a controller.

Authorisation cards for higher security

With key cards you have the authorisation to be able to carry out the basketing and evaluation.


If you have a live hardware in the club you can perform the live basketing and live evaluation so that all the data can be instantly displayed online with a Live ID. Fanciers can also download the BENZING Live app and have advantages like push notifications or the PDF on their smart phone even if they don’t have a live connection at home.

BENZING ClubSystem


  • 2 x PMDIN (RS485) for connecting atis TOP, EXPRESS, BENZING M1
  • 1 x power plug for standard BENZING power supply units
  • 1 x special connection for future applications
  • 1 x USB for PC
  • 1 x DB9 serial interface (RS232) for PC
  • 1 x parallel interface for printer
  • 1 x DB9 for radio clock/GPS clock

Classic Clubsystem

The BENZING ClubSystem supports all BENZING clocks. When using the GPS Receiver the ClubSystem is always set with the correct time. For the communication with the PC and the additional software you have a RS232 interface and a USB port for easy handling. The BENZING ClubSystem also supports printers and history and print to pdf via software.

Live Basketing and Club Evaluation

Additionally you can use a BENZING Live Smart Hub together with your BENZING Clubsystem. This feature gives you the possibility of Live Basketing and Club Evaluation which means that you club has full online access.


High security Pro chip rings

BENZING Pro chip rings are subject to the highest BENZING quality requirements for intensive use in pigeon racing. With a mighty 256bit memory, they dwarf the competition.

Cable compatibility

All existing Club cables and secure key cards are compatible with the BENZING ClubSystem, making migration from our older systems easy and straightforward. USB interface for easy connection to the PC Printer Manager is a software for generating PDF documents or printing the results/lists from Windows PC.

Easy and complimentary software

Easy download via computer! Thanks to the PC connection, updating the software has never been easier.

Support of the radio clock and GPS clock

The new BENZING ClubSystem supports all radio clocks delivered to date, with or without a display. It is now also possible to connect a GPS receiver in order to always have the exact time, anywhere in the world.

Keys to manually set the date and time

If no radio signal is available, the date and time can easily be set using a simple menu on the BENZING ClubSystem.

Large time and date display

Always the right time! The easy-to-read display of date and time in large letters and numbers always clearly displays the time, which is used to set the clock or against which it is compared. The display corresponds similarly to the one on the BENZING M1.