BENZING Pro Chip Ring

The perfect pigeon ring for today’s racing needs

Our Pro chip ring is designed to be compatible with all BENZING antennas – enabling quick and easy set up of the whole system.

With a powerful 256-bits, the ring represents the most advanced and secure pigeon ring on the market today.

Based on the new HITAG-S Chip from Philips, it offers a higher reading range and faster data communication, so the scanning of the pigeons is more efficient and accurate than ever before.

Patented chip ring

The ring’s patented built-in manipulation protection allows for the writing of a unique secret code into the memory at every basketing.

Three colour codes (red, green and blue) can further be used to mark different pigeons, such as younger or older birds.

Always use original BENZING Pro Chip rings to ensure a fully optimised BENZING system.


Fast and high performance compared to other rings

High reading distance and performance

Extra lightweight and available in 3 colours – blue, green and red

Built-in security code function to prevent tampering

The highest read/write range on the market

Features specially designed by Philips for pigeon sports