A reliable racing companion at a friendly price

The BENZING EXPRESS G2/G2+ is the ideal solution for all smaller pigeon lofts or newcomers in the pigeon sport, as it comes with all the important features in the highest technological version, but remains at the same time focussed on the essentials, so it can score in the market with the best price.

The BENZING Express G2 has the best price to value ratio available in the market. It also runs on the latest technology and the clock’s design will make it a very attractive partner in the pigeon sport.


Best price to value ratio

Even pigeon fanciers with smaller lofts can now afford a clocking system that is able to compete with more advanced units

Easy and ergonomic handling

Clocking is easy and handy, without putting stress on the fancier and pigeon

Online Results

Enjoy high-speed connection to BENZING Live Smart Hub and see your realtime results on the website of

Continuous Clocking

The timing and recording of the arrival data of all pigeons will continue. You will never miss a single pigeon again.

Greater antenna connectivity

With up to 100m of cabling, the BENZING Express G2 ensures optimum connectivity between each antenna, and between the pigeon clock and antennas

Advanced loft diagnostics

Convenient monitoring and functional testing of rings and antennas. Holding the ring tester or single chip ring over the antenna, you can check all parts of the system are functioning correctly in a matter of seconds – both before and during the race

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Boost your race system

Manage up to 250 pigeons and eight races or training sessions at any one time, while benefiting from an impressive speed reading rate of 20 birds per second.

The BENZING Express G2 is perfect unit for smaller lofts or newcomers to pigeon racing who don’t want to compromise on clocking features, but need a smart starter unit at a more affordable price.

How to connect the G2 system?

We differentiate between 2 options:

  1. Classic BENZING Express G2 with BENZING G2 antennas
  2. BENZING Express G2+ combined with BENZING Live Smart Hub system

Up to 5 new 4 field or 1 field G2 Antennas can be directly connected to a BENZING Express G2 clock. An easy and cost saving upgrade from the former EXPRESS system is provided. The single-pad EFA antennas can be still used together with the BENZING Antenna Controller.


Compatible with preceding antennas

If you still have antennas from our previous express clock model, you’ll be able to connect them to your new BENZING Express G2 clock

High clocking speed

With a BENZING system, you can feel confident that all loft arrival times are recorded reliably and precisely. The BENZING Express G2 has the capacity to clock up to 20 pigeons per second

Do you want to see your results LIVE and ONLINE?

Get started with our BENZING Live Smart Hub. Our simply hardware connects to the clock, with result viewable on the app. Compatible with the BENZING M3, M1, G2+ and the Clubsystem.

All new updates are instantly added to your app in real time.

G2+ is ready for BENZING LIVE Smart Hub