A safe solution for scanning pigeons and handling data

The BENZING Professional One Loft Race System is been designed to ensure
that ambitious OLR organisers can stand out from the competition with ease.

Our advanced OLR set provides everything you need to run a One Loft Race.
We’ve combined the BENZING clocks with our antennas to make this the best, fastest and most accurate electronic OLR system in the world.

Approved by hundreds OLR its outstanding performance at the Million Dollar Race, in Pattaya or Million Dollar Race in Peking and proved that we didn’t miss a single pigeon.

Additionally, we offer a ground-breaking Live Internet Streaming Service
which records the arrival of every pigeon in real time and within seconds, along with statistics from past performances – all delivered in real time.


All results automatically displayed on the internet

Fast reading ranges and using big antennas (double field antennas)

The only OLR system offering double security

Secure Backup as well as online backup to ensure a safe race

Complete OLR solution

Up to 120 antennas in OLR mode

Management of up to 50,000 pigeons and 10,000 fanciers for your OLR

State-of-the-art Windows software and easy visualisation

Integrated report generator for easy data production

Average speed calculation and performance of every single pigeon

Reliability of the proven BENZING M3/M1 System

High speed clocking with BENZING SPEED antennas with integrated double fields that work like there are two antenna behind each other for double the security

All events are live on the internet

If you want to run a successful One Loft Race you need a robust, professional system that will deliver a flawless event and raise your standing and reputation in the global pigeon racing community.

Join the professionals who are already benefiting from this exceptional OLR system – including the Victoria Falls OLR in southern Africa, the FCI-approved Algarve Black Derby Race in Portugal and the renowned Million Dollar Race in Beijing, China.

At the world’s biggest One Loft Race – the Beijing event can handle up to 5000 arrivals within three minutes with the BENZING OLR system  – that’s more than 25 pigeons per second.

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within a day


per year

Our Happy Clients!

“A smooth and perfect handling
of the One Loft Races”​

“At the “Million Dollar Race” in Beijing, 5000 arrivals will be processed in three minutes”​

“The fastest and
reliable system worldwide.”

Do you want to see your results LIVE and ONLINE?

Get started with our BENZING Live Smart Hub. Our simply hardware connects to the clock, with result viewable on the app. Compatible with the BENZING M3, M2, M1, G2+ and the Clubsystem.

All new updates are instantly added to your app in real time.