BENZING is the brand rich in tradition in recording times in pigeon sport and offers a state-of-the-art technological standard thanks to Gantner know-how. We supply breeders and clubs electronic registration systems, loft antennas and chip-rings on the basis of non-contact identification technology.

Market leader

BENZING is represented in more than 60 countries worldwide. BENZING develelops since 150 years systems for the pigeon sport.


Through our global network of partners, we guarantee our customers excellent service and rapid availability.


Through the continuous development BENZING combines the pigeon sport with comfort and progressiveness.


BENZING's newest development offers an unprecedented experience in the pigeon sport, the online clocking is the next step into the future.

Faster and safer than ever before- the new BENZING SPEED antenna The new BENZING PLB SPEED Antennas with 8 fields and 12 fields are now available!!...
The BENZING Live! got an approval of the F.C.I. in February, 2014. (umbrella association of the racing pigeon sport). Therefore all required security...

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Final Flights One Loft Races 2017

OLR Sofia, Bulgaria, 420 km22.07.2017
AS Golden Race, Greece, 420 km29.07.2017
Riachos, Portugal, 400 km26.08.2017
Usedom, Germany, 450 km01.09.2017
Mira, Portugal, 400 km02.09.2017
Black Sea, Romania, 505 km09.09.2017
Algarve Golden Race, Semi Final, 300 km16.09.2017
VAC, Hungary, 420 km23.09.2017
Algarve Great Derby, Portugal, 420 km20.09.2017
Algarve Golden Race, Portugal, 500 km30.09.2017
Thailand World Championship, Thailand, 450 km11.12.2017
OLR Pattaya, Thailand, 530 km15.01.2018


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Our latest Products


The Revolution in Pigeon Sport

The BENZING M1 clocking device uniquely combines the simplest operation with technological complexity, and in this respect is therefore a revolutionary development of pigeon clocks.

BENZING G2 Express

The Next Generation Express clock!

After the large success of the EXPRESS clocking system, we did totally overhaul its design and created the next generation clock BENZING Express G2.

BENZING Clubsystem

For the enjoyable work in the club

It is even better than clubPOINT and CAN, as the functionalities of both units have now been combined into a single unit, the BENZING ClubSystem.