Frequently Asked Questions

The M1 must be equipped with the software version 2.0 or higher, and the M1 must be linked with the Station when it is connected for the very first time (manipulation protection).

Put the CD into the drive and connect the M1 to a USB port. First, install the correct USB driver from the CD, then install the desired software - ready to go!

Change printer settings in the atis TOP or M1. In the atis TOP menu, go to "Settings" and then make the appropriate changes under "Printer". In the M1, go to MENU ->SYSTEM -> Printer.

The M1 is connected in the Clubset and the CAN TIME is selected under OTHER. The setting is either performed manually or synchronised with a radio clock (if a radio clock is connected and it receives a signal).

Yes, all you need to do is terminate and then release this flight prior to the basketing (if the printer does not work, for example).

Not all of the races or training flights have been completed. Date/time cannot be modified.

Install the BENZING M1 download software on the PC (copy it from the utility CD or download it from the website) and run it, connect the M1 to the PC via a USB cable (power supply of the M1). The PC identifies the M1 as new hardware (only when installing for the very first time), then select the required USB driver (download it from the utility CD or the website) and when the M1 is identified, first read the M1 with the connect button. Then, locate and select the desired software on your PC's hard disk (for example version 02.21) with the Select File button. Finally, begin the download. (DO NOT DISCONNECT during the download procedure!)

Yes, the M1 can easily be updated at home, using the provided USB cable and the download software on a CD. Firmware can be downloaded directly from the Internet site.

No, this is impossible, as we only address a single club antenna in the protocol.

From the version 01.03 onwards, the M1 can be reconfigured directly at the pigeon loft. It is possible to administer up to four fanciers. (under OTHER->SETTINGS ->MULTIPLE FANCIERS, the setting can be reconfigured from a single fancier to multiple fanciers). For older versions, the unit must be brought to the dealer, who in turn is the only one that is able to reconfigure the unit.

Der Druckerknoten des atis TOP funktioniert auch für das M1 (zu Hause). Es können aber auch über den USB-Anschluss alle Wettflugdaten in den PC übertragen (beigelegte CD ab WIN2000 und höher) und von dort dann ausgedruckt werden!

No, there is no such blocking. The reading and writing of data is possible. Of course, pigeons participating in a race or training are blocked. It is not possible to change anything anymore regarding those pigeons!

In the pigeon loft, it is possible to reset the M1 to factory settings! Ensure that all of the data has been saved to the PC, as everything will be erased (statistics, fancier data, pigeon data).

The M1 displays a text stating whether the radio clock or the internal CAN clock was used for synchronisation. Furthermore, if the CAN clock is being used, it is asked as to whether this really is the correct time!

Freeing is not possible, but resetting is, if the wrong pigeon has been basketed!

The CAN time is only used if the radio clock is not connected or is not sending a signal (M1 receives no signal from the radio clock). In this case, M1 automatically uses the CAN time. During authorisation, it is once more asked as to whether the CAN time is okay. On the M1, a text is displayed, stating whether it was synchronised with the radio clock or the CAN clock.

It is not possible to print directly from the M1 (via USB to the printer), but the data can be uploaded to a PC via a USB cable (BENZING USB print and history software) and then printed from there!

Not all of the races or trainings have been completed. Date/time cannot be modified.

The training flight was commenced before all of the pigeons had been assigned or the pigeons are not entered, because bets are being placed on them.

No, without the M1, a SMS cannot be sent when a pigeon arrives. This requires both the M1 and the BENZING Station.

The BENZING M1 is equipped with a RTC (Real Time Clock), which is powered by an internal battery. This battery should be substituded after a specified time of operation in order to ensure the correct time.

Therefore, please get in touch with an official BENZING partner in your country to organize a battery change. Since this is a safety-related component, such an exchange can not be performed at home.

No, but it is possible to connect the Express G2 to the PC (docking station via USB or serial data cable) and then print from the PC using the printer simulation software!

Yes. The printer node (CPN or clubPOINT) also works for the Express G2. Simply connect the Express G2 to the printer node with the included club cable.

Yes, the data is stored even in the event of a power failure! For this event, there is the BENZING Express G2 DOC docking station, which will enable the system to clock pigeons for approx. 5 hours. (even for lofts without power supply)

For a clean reset (disconnecting the power to the unit and reconnecting it) all of the other units (especially the printer) should be disconnected first.

If the radio clock receives and sends signals, the ClubSystem will beep twice for one second each time. If the radio clock, however, does not receive any signals (for example when a pigeon is basketed), the ClubSystem will produce a beep that lasts for 5 seconds (acoustic warning signal).

The internal clock of the ClubSystem is automatically synchronised to the radio clock’s time, as soon as the radio clock receives a signal and then sends a signal to the ClubSystem. (Refer to the display of the ClubSystem).

This USB interface is used to communicate with the PC (either RS 232 or USB). PC software such as PideXX can be connected here.

The new download software, which is specially designed for the ClubSystem, uses a systematic logic, in which whatever needs to be performed is shown precisely. The USB interface cannot be used for the update.

No. Don`t use regular PC–cable for junction between the PLBs. Only use connecting cables from GANTNER Pigeon Systems.

Up to 3 12-field PLB one power-supply, the new one of 1,5 Ampère, has to be used. (or two of the old 1 Ampère power supply)

Using more than 3 12-field PLB a second power-supply 1,5 Ampere is necessary and more than 6 8-field PLB a second power-supply 1,5 Ampere is necessary as well.

If 2 or more PLBs are mounted closer than 40 inches together, then a SNN • (synchronising network node) has to be used.

If a SNN (synchronizing network node) is used a terminating plug must be put on the last PLB (per SNN one terminating node).

The distance between SNN and the last PLB (terminating plug) should not be more than 20 metres.

Up to 4 SNN can be used for one atis TOP.

Up to 8 PLBs per system are possible by atis TOP and up to 64 PLBs by the BENZING M1.

Using the PLBs every atis TOP employing a SNN, must have a software update (higher than version 3.26)!

Blue old atis rings cannot be read by the PLBs!

You have to contact the BENZING support.

Please be sure that the GPS receiver has been placed on an outside position.

If an email address has been stored at the BENZING live online account, than it is easy to recover the password by hitting the „forgot password“-button at the website.. (NOTE: the password on the BENZING m1 has to be changed to new one to guarantee the function of the solution.)

Please make sure that the login details are correct: Open MENU --> SYSTEM --> BENZING Live --> INFO: There you should see following states “OK OK 1” in case the connection with the user/password combination is correct.

The minimum required firmware version of the BENZING M1 is the version 3.12.

The M1 must be equipped with the software version 3.12 or higher, and the M1 must have the same channel selection as the BENZING Remote Display.

Check the signal strength and the selected channel.

The M1 must be equipped with the software version 2.0 or higher, and the M1 must be linked with the Station when it is connected for the very first time (manipulation protection).

In the M1, change the printer settings under SYSTEM from M1 to Station Standard.

Connect the Station to the ClubSystem and hold the red key to the insertion place. All of the active race flights will be printed out automatically.

It takes approx. 2-3 seconds, and then you will see the LED change from COM to MST. As soon as the M1 is reconnected, it will boot automatically and the LED will switch back to COM.