Antenna Controller

The BENZING Antenna Controller expands the BENZING Express G2 system with 4 EFA antennae. The connection cable can be up to 100m (300 feet) to the BENZING Express G2 or to further BENZING Antenna Controller. This enables a flexible build-up of the pigeon loft.

ArticleArticle Number
BENZING Antenna Controller642277


  • Up to 4 EFA antennae can be connected
  • Automatic check of the connected antennas
  • Display of function and data transfer
  • High clocking speed
  • Up to 100m (300 feet) connection cable
  • 5m connection cable is included


  • 4x jack plug for EFA antennas
  • 1x DB9(M) for BENZING Express G2
  • DB9(F) for a second BENZING Antenna Controller
  • 1x power supply

Antenna Controller Manual

Instructions of the BENZING Antenna controller in PDF format..