BENZING Express G2

The next generation Express clock - BENZING Express G2

After the large success of the EXPRESS clocking system, we did totally overhaul its design and created the next generation clock BENZING Express G2. It is the ideal solution for all smaller pigeon lofts or newcomers in the pigeon sport, as it comes with all the important features in the highest technological version, but remains at the same time focussed on the essentials, so it can score in the market with the best price.


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Our vision: The pigeon sport is not a question of large budgets. Even fanciers with smaller lofts can afford clocking at the highest level.

Our solution: The BENZING Express G2 has the best price to value ratio available in the market. It also runs on the latest technology and the clock’s design will make it a very attractive partner in the pigeon sport.

Our vision: Electronic clocking is possible, without the fancier having to read a manual beforehand.

Our solution: All of the messages and instructions are displayed in a full, clear, and simple graphical way, in which the user guidance is logically intuitive.

Our vision: A powerful clock that is handy in size.

Our solution: The state-of-the-art processor combines the ideal power, reduced dimensions, and economy.

Our vision: Clocking is easy and handy, without putting stress on the fancier and pigeon.

Our solution: The new shape of the BENZING Express G2 matches our ergonomic findings. The system is composed of the antenna and a clock with a new cable that ranges long enough to make the installation even more convenient.

Our vision:
A small, handy clock, which can also be used as a table or wall unit.

Our solution:
The BENZING Express G2 was designed with special attention to ergonomics. There is a simple wall mounting, as well as an optional docking station for the table.

Our vision:
The transition to the new Express made as easy as possible.

Our solution:
Problem-free combining of the new clock with the old antennas.

Our vision:
The distances between the antennae, and between the clock and antennas, are sufficient for optimum use.

Our solution:
The possible expansion of the system was vastly increased by a cable length of up to 100m. Furthermore, two adapters with up to 4 antennas each can be connected to every BENZING Express G2. Therefore, even a small system now covers up to eight rather distant arrivals.

Our vision:
Even in large pigeon lofts and the simultaneous arrival of several pigeons, the BENZING systems records all the arrival times reliably and precisely.

Our solution:
Up to 20 pigeons can be clocked per second.

Our vision:
Power outings, power fluctuations etc. are not a problem any more. Even without a direct mains power supply, the clocking of every arriving pigeon is guaranteed.

Our solution:
As an option for the BENZING Express G2, a docking station is available, guaranteeing an emergency power supply for up to 5 hours.


  • 1x DB9(F) for the connection of the antennas


BENZING Express G2 Leaflets

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BENZING Express G2 Download Software

This software allows an easy software update of the BENZING Express G2.

PLEASE NOTE: To get the programm working on WIN Vista, WIN 7, and WIN 8 it is necessary to run the programm as administrator. You can do this by a right click onto the desktop icon of the programm and choose “Run as administrator”on the drop down menu. 

BENZING Printer Manager

With the BENZING Printer Manager a fancier can print out lists from a BENZING clock at home. You can connect a BENZING Express G2 clock together with the docking station BENZING Express G2 DOC to a PC. The BENZING Printer Manager will display any list the same way as you would print it out. You can then print it out with any printer connected to the PC. The software will not change any information of the lists.

Device: BENZING M1, BENZING Express G2
Platform: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP *
Connection: BENZING Express G2: USB via BENZING Express G2 DOC BENZING M1: RS232 via clubPOINT or via ClubSystem BENZING ClubSystem: USB or RS232

Version 2.0

No, but it is possible to connect the Express G2 to the PC (docking station via USB or serial data cable) and then print from the PC using the printer simulation software!

Yes. The printer node (CPN or clubPOINT) also works for the Express G2. Simply connect the Express G2 to the printer node with the included club cable.

Yes, the data is stored even in the event of a power failure! For this event, there is the BENZING Express G2 DOC docking station, which will enable the system to clock pigeons for approx. 5 hours. (even for lofts without power supply)

BENZING Express G2 declaration of Conformity

Here you can download the declaration of Conformity

BENZING Express G2 Declaration of conformity

Here you can download the declaration of Conformity

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