The BENZING loftPOINT helps to realise any wiring plan. It is equipped with DB9 connections for PLB antennae and a PMDIN connection for existing old system configurations. The loftPOINT thus replaces numerous adapters such as the AB1 PRO or CNN.


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  • 2x power connection sockets
  • 2x DB9 for PLB loft antenna (for 2 lines)
  • 1x PMDIN for conventional systems (atis TOP)
  • 1x DB9 for the BENZING M1 fancier cable
  • 2x LED for power supply and data transfer

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BENZING LoftPoint manual

The instructions of the BENZING LoftPoints in PDF format..


ArticleArticle Number
BENZING LoftPoint240271
BENZING LoftPoint with SNN function310269
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