The Future of Pigeon Sport is Online!

The new BENZING Live! starts the future of pigeon sport. For the first time, all the data of the clocked pigeons can be immediately on the website The results are available immediately and can be queried from anywhere in the world. With BENZING Live! pigeon fanciers can follow the arrival times of their own pigeons live and compare them with the data of other fanciers’ pigeons anywhere in the world. BENZING Live! keeps the traditions of pigeon sport alive, but revolutionises the technology.


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The data of each clocked pigeon is immediately transmitted to website. All training flights and races are shown and can be queried at any time. With BENZING Live! it is possible for the first time to measure oneself against any other pigeon fancier via the Internet.
BENZING Live! offers the opportunity of querying all the results of clocked pigeons. No matter where or when the arrival occurred, the arrival data can be compared anywhere – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In the event of questions, answers and support are quickly available.

BENZING Live! is equipped with an intelligent, patented time comparison system. Three completely independent times are compared:

  • The time of the BENZING clock
  • GPS UTC time
  • BENZING-Live! server time

As soon as differences between these times occur, it is signalled on the website. Every ten minutes, BENZING Live! sends an update with the current times to the server. The GPS coordinates are also sent for time comparison purposes. This ensures that the clock always remains in the same loft.

The GPS coordinates of the loft can be queried online and can be compared with the data available to the club.
BENZING Live! is delivered with a SIM card similar to those of a cell phone. As soon as the device is connected, one can register and gain access with a personal password – safely and conveniently. There is no time binding. Every pigeon fancier can decide how long he or she wants to use BENZING Live!


  • 1x DB9(F) and DB9(M) for the connection of the BENZING M1 and the antennas.
  • 1x USB for PC communication
  • 1x Power Socket

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BENZING Live! Download

This software is designed to easily update the BENZING Live. A manual is available at the start up of the program.

Version 3.2.0

BENZING Live! Manual

The instructions of the BENZING Live! in PDF format.

The minimum required firmware version of the BENZING M1 is the version 3.12.

Please make sure that the login details are correct: Open MENU --> SYSTEM --> BENZING Live --> INFO: There you should see following states “OK OK 1” in case the connection with the user/password combination is correct.

If an email address has been stored at the BENZING live online account, than it is easy to recover the password by hitting the „forgot password“-button at the website.. (NOTE: the password on the BENZING m1 has to be changed to new one to guarantee the function of the solution.)

Please be sure that the GPS receiver has been placed on an outside position.

You have to contact the BENZING support.

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