More than an Antenna – A Safety Warrant The new BENZING SPEED antenna is unbeatably safe and fast

The new BENZING PLB SPEED antenna convinces by the entire set of functionalities of the previous BENZING antennas, improved by additional modules in the areas of safety, protection of the environment and speed.

With its special design and overlapping antenna fields, BENZING guarantees the highest level of clocking reliability over the entire antenna surface. In addition, the new SPEED offers a new range testing of the chip rings, indicated by LED signals and a separate functional test of every single antenna field. The double clocking of the pigeons leads to a double safety effect, totally eliminating dysfunctions.

Installation of the PLB SPEED antennas is quite simple. They are extremely flat and available in three sizes. Up to 64 antennas can be connected per system (compatible with BENZING M1 or atis TOP), and can be wired in a “star” configuration or in series. They are resistant to rain or splashing water and allow cable lengths of well over 100 yards.



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BENZING Download

This software is an easy software update of the BENZING Express, AtisTOP and PLB Antenna. The BENZING device will be connected with the clubsystem and PC

Platform: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8 Connection: RS232 via clubPOINT or ClubSystem as well as USB via ClubSystem

Version 4.2

PLB Antenna Manual

The instructions of the BENZING PLB Antenna in PDF format.

No. Don`t use regular PC–cable for junction between the PLBs. Only use connecting cables from GANTNER Pigeon Systems.

Up to 3 12-field PLB one power-supply, the new one of 1,5 Ampère, has to be used. (or two of the old 1 Ampère power supply)

Using more than 3 12-field PLB a second power-supply 1,5 Ampere is necessary and more than 6 8-field PLB a second power-supply 1,5 Ampere is necessary as well.

If 2 or more PLBs are mounted closer than 40 inches together, then a SNN • (synchronising network node) has to be used.

If a SNN (synchronizing network node) is used a terminating plug must be put on the last PLB (per SNN one terminating node).

The distance between SNN and the last PLB (terminating plug) should not be more than 20 metres.

Up to 4 SNN can be used for one atis TOP.

Up to 8 PLBs per system are possible by atis TOP and up to 64 PLBs by the BENZING M1.

Using the PLBs every atis TOP employing a SNN, must have a software update (higher than version 3.26)!

Blue old atis rings cannot be read by the PLBs!

ArticleArticle Number
8-field PLB Set490934
12-field PLB Set260626


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