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The new BENZING ClubSystem is available! It is even better than clubPOINT and CAN, as the functionalities of both units have now been combined into a single unit, the BENZING ClubSystem. All of the tasks within the Club have now become child´s play, based on the well-known user friendliness of the BENZING M1.


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The BENZING ClubSystem combines the functionalities of CAN and clubPOINT into a single unit and does not require any cables. Already at first sight, it is clear that the ClubSystem originates from the BENZING series. Its highly designed exterior combines the characteristics of the BENZING station and the BENZING M1.
Always the right time! The easy-to-read display of date and time in large letters and numbers always clearly displays the time, which is used to set the clock or against which it is compared. The display corresponds similarly to the one on the BENZING M1.
The new BENZING ClubSystem supports all radio clocks delivered to date, with or without a display. It is now also possible to connect a GPS receiver in order to always have the exact time, anywhere in the world.
If no radio signal is available, the date and time can easily be set using a simple menu on the BENZING ClubSystem.
Next to the standard serial RS232 port, the new BENZING ClubSystem also has an integrated USB port, to where modern PCs and laptops can be connected directly. Every major fancier administration software supports this USB interface.
All connections on the BENZING ClubSystem are positioned to be easily accessible. The PMDIN connections are located on the side, which facilitates easy connection and disconnection.
A special, powerful loudspeaker integrated into the new ClubSystem signals any action distinctively. The volume can easily be adjusted with a controller.
The BENZING ClubSystem is equipped with a new type of RFID unit for better reading and writing electronic chip rings. This technology is also used in the PLB antenna. Therefore the reading range and the speed to basket a pigeon is increased.
All existing Club cables and keys are compatible with the new BENZING ClubSystem. It is therefore easy to migrate from the old system to the new BENZING ClubSystem.
BENZING Pro chip rings are subject to the highest BENZING quality requirements for intensive use in pigeon racing. With its 256bit memory, it dwarfs everything else.
Easy download via computer! Thanks to the PC connection, updating the software has never been easier.


  • 2 x PMDIN (RS485) for connecting atis TOP, EXPRESS, BENZING M1
  • 1 x power plug for standard BENZING power supply units
  • 1 x special connection for future applications
  • 1 x USB for PC
  • 1 x DB9 serial interface (RS232) for PC
  • 1 x parallel interface for printer
  • 1 x DB9 for radio clock/GPS clock

BENZING Clubsystem Leaflet

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BENZING Clubsystem Download

This software is an easy software update of the BENZING ClubSystem. The BENZING ClubSystem will be connected with the PC by a RS232 cable.



PLEASE NOTE: To get the programm working on WIN Vista, WIN 7, and WIN 8 it is necessary to run the programm as administrator. You can do this by a right click onto the desktop icon of the programm and choose “Run as administrator”on the drop down menu. 


PideXX is a multilingual management software for the club, with which pigeon data can be inserted, changed or deleted, both in the PC and in the clocking device. In addition PideXX offers MS Excel-based evaluation as well as the export of the complete “race files” for 3rd party evaluation software. When using the BENZING M1 device, the complete season map can be created and downloaded with the PideXX software.

• Evaluation of arrival data and export to standardized „Winspeed-file“ or to MS Excel

• Management of all races with the season map

Device: BENZING M1, BENZING Express G2, atis TOP, EXPRESS
Platform: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Connection: RS232 via clubPOINT or ClubSystem as well as USB via ClubSystem


BENZING Club Manager (Belgium)

BENZING Club Manager is the management software for the clubmaster, with which pigeon data can be inserted, changed or deleted, both in the PC and in the clocking device.

• Evaluation of arrival data and export to standardised „Winspeed-file“ or to MS Excel
• Management of all races with the season map

Device: BENZING M1, BENZING Express G2, atis TOP, EXPRESS
Plattform: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista,7 and 8

Version 1.2

Printer List

The actual printer list for the BENZING Clubsystem

Version 12.12.12

USB Driver

USB driver for the BENZING ClubSystem.
For 32- and 64bit machines.

Version: 2.0.14

BENZING Clubsystem configurator

With this software you can change the settings of the BENZING ClubSystem Basic (like GPS or radio clock, time zones etc.)

Version 1.3

BENZING Printer Manager

With the BENZING Printer Manager a fancier can print out lists from a BENZING clock at home. You can connect a BENZING Express G2 clock together with the docking station BENZING Express G2 DOC to a PC. The BENZING Printer Manager will display any list the same way as you would print it out. You can then print it out with any printer connected to the PC. The software will not change any information of the lists.

Device: BENZING M1, BENZING Express G2
Platform: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP *
Connection: BENZING Express G2: USB via BENZING Express G2 DOC BENZING M1: RS232 via clubPOINT or via ClubSystem BENZING ClubSystem: USB or RS232

Version 2.0

For a clean reset (disconnecting the power to the unit and reconnecting it) all of the other units (especially the printer) should be disconnected first.

If the radio clock receives and sends signals, the ClubSystem will beep twice for one second each time. If the radio clock, however, does not receive any signals (for example when a pigeon is basketed), the ClubSystem will produce a beep that lasts for 5 seconds (acoustic warning signal).

The internal clock of the ClubSystem is automatically synchronised to the radio clock’s time, as soon as the radio clock receives a signal and then sends a signal to the ClubSystem. (Refer to the display of the ClubSystem).

This USB interface is used to communicate with the PC (either RS 232 or USB). PC software such as PideXX can be connected here.

The new download software, which is specially designed for the ClubSystem, uses a systematic logic, in which whatever needs to be performed is shown precisely. The USB interface cannot be used for the update.

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